Water on the way

The CAMS Australian Rally Championship has rallied behind the New South Wales community, following recent drought and bushfires in the state.

Departing Sydney, a ‘water run’ is on its way to the Armidale region and its farmers, which has been hit by drought in recent times that has left many desperate for the precious commodity that many take for granted.

That drought was made worse by severe bushfires in recent weeks.

The push for the rally community’s involvement was led by ARC competitor Richie Dalton and his business Shamrock Haulage – CAMS and the ARC have donated eight pallets of water to the cause, as have a number of teams and event organisers from around Australia.

Dalton witnessed the carnage the bushfires and drought had caused on the region on his return from Kennards Hire Rally Australia for himself, which also had to be cancelled due to the impact of the severe fire conditions in the area.

The distribution of the water is being done in conjunction with local charities to ensure those who are most in need are receiving a vital helping hand.

A large convoy of trucks is now on route to the region with an expected arrival in Armidale on 23 November.

Find out more about the Sydney to Armidale Water Run here.