This section is devoted to the workings of the Australian Rally Commission. It is through this portal that information about the activities of ARCom will be disseminated, in parallel with information available on the Motorsport Australia website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Commission do?
The Commission advises the Board of Motorsport Australia on matters impacting on rally and road events in Australia. These include gravel and tarmac rallies, touring road events and rallysprints.

Who appoints the Members of the Commission?
The Chair and the members of the commission are appointed by the Board of Motorsport Australia, with administrative support through the Executive Officer Rally and Off Road.

Who are the current Members?
Jon Thomson (Chair), Ian Bigg – Member (NSW), Toni Feaver – Member (WA), Graham Malcolm – Member (Tas), Hamish Marquis – Member (Tas), Molly Taylor – Member (NSW), Adrian Coppin (QLD).

What renumeration do Members receive?
Members of the commission are volunteers and receive no remuneration. Motorsport Australia meets travel expenses incurred by members attending face-to-face meetings.

How often does the Commission meet?
Members routinely meet via teleconference about every 4-6 weeks. A large amount of business is routinely transacted via email and telephone between meetings. In addition the Chair, Deputy Chair, ARC sporting director, Motorsport Australia Executive Officer Rally and Off Road and any other interested Commission members have a weekly teleconference to plan actions and manage rally business. The Commissioners meet face-to-face once or twice a year.

How do I bring a matter to the Commission’s attention?
Depending on the complexity of the matter and the degree of consultation necessary, there are a number of avenues through which matters can be considered by the Commission. Routine matters – such as issues around technical rules, can be dealt with via an email to the Motorsport Australia Executive Officer Rally and Off Road ([email protected]). Alternatively a member of Motorsport Australia may raise an issue through their State Rally Panel, Sport and Club Development Commission or State ARCom representative.

How long does it take for the Commission to consider my issue?
Matters that have the potential to impact on others enjoyment of their sport can expect to be circulated to Sport and Club Development Commissions, Rally Panels and the general membership before being formally considered by the Commission. Urgent and straightforward matters can be resolved in a few days, however, the process for more complex issues and rule changes can take several months for consultation and review of proposals.