Watch: 2020 Netier National Capital Rally

Canberra’s forests played host to the first ever RSEA Safety Motorsport Australia Rally Cup, with the one event shootout giving rally crews the chance to put it all on the line, for the only national trophy on offer in 2020.

With 180 competitive kilometres across 16 stages for the two-day Netier National Capital Rally, more than 50 cars made the entry list of what would prove to be a bruising encounter.

And Canberra’s weather would certainly play its part in the outcome of this event, with temperatures in the mid 30s forecast for the weekend.

While some entrants would shine, others would fail to make the finish line – in what would prove to be a bruising encounter for many.

This event would also play host to the first competitive ARC event on the new control Hoosier tyres. The new compound receiving plenty of rave reviews in its first outing.