Taylor yet to decide future despite testing

CAMS Australian Rally Championship regular Molly Taylor is looking ahead to another big year of motor sport in 2019.

The 2016 champion enjoyed a solid season in the ARC this year, finishing fourth outright after being in title contention all year, but had an early exit in the final round after walking away from a highly publicised crash.

Appearing on Fox Sports’ Bill and Boz program, Taylor revealed she was still fine tuning her plans for next year.

“We are obviously working hard behind the scenes but we have not got anything confirmed,” Taylor said.

“However we are working hard and I am definitely not ready to stop yet.”

As previously reported, the 2016 CAMS Australian Rally Champion got a taste of TCR after the season finale in Coffs Harbour, boarding a plane to Europe for a test drive of a Subaru TCR car in Italy.

“I got an offer to drive the WRX TCR Car, which is being tested globally. I flew over straight after Rally Australia,” Taylor explained.

“As soon you hop in the car, for that day there is no jet lag or no pain, but it’s a fantastic car and really different at first.

“But because I have done a lot of rally with front wheel drive in the first part of my career, it was easy to pick up.”

TCR will debut in Australia officially next year, with driver line ups expected to be confirmed in the coming months.

“I really enjoyed it (driving a TCR car),” Taylor added.

“(There are) no more plans from that but definitely working on getting the car out here as well.

“It’s a fantastic formula. It’s very cost effective, open to a lot of manufactures and is something which is fair across the board.”

With lots to think about, Taylor remains focused on recovering from her crash on the Coffs Coast, the vision of the incident doing the rounds around the world.

“Obviously that (the crash) wasn’t part of the plan as we were in four-way title fight, our only option was to go as fast as I can, but I went a little bit too fast,” Taylor said.

“It was not how we wanted to start the rally or finish the season but the cars are built incredibly strongly, but (co-driver) Malcolm (Read) and I were a bit sore as we hit at 12G.

“Malcolm did a fantastic job saving the car, there was a fire there, managed to keep the fire in just the engine base.

“The damage was very extensive, the actually roll cage wasn’t damaged. Completely did its job.”

The 2019 CAMS Australian Rally Championship begins in April in Western Australia. You can view the full calendar here.