Taylor to turn pain into a gain

2016 CAMS Australian Rally Champion Molly Taylor says the “heartbreak” of losing last year’s title would drive her to greater success in 2018.

Taylor has yet to confirm her plans for this year, but told Fox Sports she was still hurting from losing last year’s Championship title on the final day

“I don’t think I’ll ever be over it,” Taylor said with a smile on Fox Sports’ Bill and Boz show.

“In 2016, we won the Championship, it was the first year with Subaru, it was this dream story.

“Then you have this dream season (in 2017) and it’s all lined up, all you have to do is finish the final day. (But) then you have this technical problem that no one could foresee and it’s absolutely heartbreaking.

“But you do realise, as good as it is to have that Championship title, and that’s what you’re chasing at the end of the day, if you know the whole team around you and yourself have done everything you can do, then really that should mean more than a title.”

The Subaru driver was quizzed on a range of topics on the one hour panel show on Tuesday night, even suggesting if rallying wasn’t an option for the 29-year-old, she may one day have an interest in driving a Supercar.

“If rally was off the table, I think the Supercars are just awesome machines. They are fun and you’re trying to take this massive, heavy car go fast around the track, it’s just incredible.”

Ultimately her passion for rally still burns deep.

“I don’t think I’d enjoying anything as much (as rallying),” Taylor added.

“For me you get just as much excitement every day you hop into the car.

“Sliding on gravel is pretty fun.”