Taylor making goal official

Molly Taylor needs no introduction thanks to her achievements on both the national and international rally stage, including a RSEA Safety Motorsport Australia Rally Championship title back in 2016. 

A fierce competitor, Taylor holds a driving ambassador role for Subaru do Motorsport, finished on numerous ARC podiums, often on the top step, and held her own in the British Rally Championship for many years prior to her ARC career.

However, with world motorsport on hold due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Taylor has spent recent time in isolation focusing on another achievement to add to her already glowing repertoire – obtaining her Motorsport Australia official’s license.

Completing the online modules for Bronze rally official event command and event administration, Taylor is halfway to becoming a registered Motorsport Australia official – a status she has wanted to have for quite some time.

“It’s one of those things I have been intending to do forever but never got around to it,” Taylor said.

“It’s easy to put on the backburner and to forget, but I was speaking with Adrian Coppin recently who reminded me about it and I thought now is as good a time as any to completeIt was very straight forward and having a decent knowledge of the sport like a lot of other competitors, it was an easy and good thing to do.

“Officials are what makes out sport possible. Just as much the sport needs competitors and teams, it needs officials. So all these factors couldn’t exist without the other. I highly recommend other competitors look at doing it.

“The modules themselves required mainly common sense and it’s just good to know what the processes and protocols are, particularly in the safety sections.”

With all discipline modules similar in process, participants are required to go through a theory module which offers a variety of explanations and information, before completing a quiz on the learning material.

Despite Taylor having no intentions of calling time on her career any time soon, there were multiple reasons for her wanting to obtain her officials license.

“As people who are so heavily consumed with the sport, I think it would be a bit naïve or single-minded to always focus on your component and not have an appreciation or understanding of all the factors,” Taylor explained.

“My intention is still to compete but getting this means I can help in other capacities when I am not. I can also see the event from another perspective and get a better understanding of how everyone contributes. It’s an opportunity to be more well-rounded.

“I already sit on the Motorsport Australia Rally Commission and there are more officials than competitors, so it’s good to bring up my level and knowledge in those levels too.

“I just think it’s so quick and easy to do and compared to the time we spend on other things, it’s a no brainier. Even just to do it so you have it. Because when an opportunity arises where you can be in a position to help, having this will enable you to help.”

For more information on how to become a Motorsport Australia official, click here.