Special G2 to debut in ARC 2022

Husband and wife rally team James and Cathy Elliott are hopeful of campaigning the 2022 RSEA Safety Motorsport Australia Rally Championship (ARC) behind the wheel of a brand new G2 Hyundai I20.

Working alongside highly esteemed roll cage and motorsport fabrication company FABRaiCATIONS, the Victorians are hard at work in developing the vehicle, which will stay true to its two-wheel drive heritage.

The Hyundai, which is inspired by Hyundai’s original F2 Coupe driven in the World Rally Championship (WRC) by Australians Wayne Bell and Dean Herridge during the 1990s, will weigh just 1050kg and is geared up with a 2 litre engine.

With Rai Curry of FABRaiCATIONS behind the car’s development and creation of its chromoly roll over that has it meeting FIA regulations, driver James Elliot was pleased with the way the project has progressed.

“We’re really fortunate to be working with FABRaiCATIONS on this unique build,” Elliot said.

“Dare we say it, we have tested his work on a number of occasions – so when it came to deciding where we would get the roll cage built, there was no hesitation in calling Rai.

“The workmanship is first class, and attention to details are next to none.”

Having an extensive knowledge in rally cars, Curry believed the challenge of the build was too hard to turn down and was happy working with the Elliots.

“There’s no doubt that through the enthusiastic involvement Cathy and James both have, as competitors and event organisers, that they’ll carry this energy through with this build,” Curry added.

“As a genuine privateer team, and the inherent complexities of packaging a 6’3 driver into a small hatchback, we’re pleased to be in a position to support the team and assist with our years of experience in motorsport engineering and fabrication work.”

The team originally planned to have the car complete by the start of this year but will now focus on a 2022 RSEA Safety Motorsport Australia Rally Championship campaign.