Sale to get the Gippsland Party started

With almost every round in the 2023 Bosch Motorsport Australia Rally Championship (ARC) season having kicked off with an official street party, this month’s The Middle of Everywhere Gippsland Rally will be no different.

Following the successful Friday night Rally Show in Launceston and Wheels on Mary Festival in Gympie, the Gippsland Rally will host its own Rally Show on the Friday night, with the event to take place at the Port of Sale.

Starting from 4pm AEST, the two-and-a-half-hour festival will see all 54 crews and their high powered machinery congregate at the highly picturesque landmark in Sale, where fans will have their best chance to meet and greet the best rally crews in Australia.

In addition to a display of all the cars with their crews, there will also be food and drink on offer, as well Red Bull entertainment and an official welcome from the Mayor of Wellington Shire before the event wraps up with the Ceremonial Start.

Clerk of Course Andrew Roseman believed the Rally Show would be the perfect way to kick off the 2023 The Middle of Everywhere Gippsland Rally.

“It’s a relaxing way to start the rally. We are really looking forward to having the cars on display and allowing the locals and crews to meet before the serious competition starts Saturday morning” Roseman said.

“It’s a perfect way to introduce the rally to the residents within the region and gain excitement for the weekend.

“There will be no shortage of entertainment during the Rally Show and we are really looking forward to what should be a fantastic evening, that will kick off The Middle of Everywhere Gippsland Rally in style.”

Get more information on the Rally Show here.

Friday night’s Rally Show won’t be the only place where fans can see the cars, with spectators able to view the cars on multiple stages, including one on Saturday and two on Sunday.

Saturday’s Spectator Point in Cowwarr will have multiple vantage points as the cars pass through for the first stage of the event at 9:53am AEST, before returning in the afternoon at 1:43pm.

The stage itself will have a range of viewing options within the safety barriers, allowing attending spectators to get multiple views of the competing cars.

This year the spectator point incorporates the Spectator Lounge Zone where spectators will be able to relax under umbrellas with food and drink vendors, plus merchandise all available on site.

Similar to the 2022 event, there will be multiple spectator points at the Gippsland Rally in 2023 (Photo: James Forrester)

It’s a similar start on Sunday in Stockdale, with the first pass of the Kennedys Flat Stage to occur at 9:41am before the cars complete the second pass at 11:41am.

Rally fans will then be treated to an extra spectator point on Sunday with the Boisdale Hill Climb Track to host the EROAD Power Stage from 2pm local time.

For those unable to get to the stages themselves, the Rally Village at Gordon Street Recreation Reserve in Heyfield will be the main base where all the teams are set up and work on their cars during most service breaks.

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The Middle of Everywhere Gippsland Rally takes place in Sale, Heyfield and Gippsland on 25-27 August.

Feature photo: DMAC Photography