Online ARC back for season two

Following the success of the ARC’s first online DiRT Rally 2.0 club, the second edition has now been unveiled.

Throughout May, participants will have the opportunity to compete in six virtual five-stage courses across four continents and have three days to tackle each one.

Like the first running of the ARC’s online club, the competition will be available on any console that supports the game and is open for people of any skill level.

Having started on 11 May, the first event is the picturesque Powys in Wales, which was the host region of the 2019 Wales Rally GB. Following that, competitors will then head to South America to take on Rally Argentina’s Catamarca Province.

The next two events are more recognisable to first season players with Łęczna County in Poland and the Australian Monaro Stages to once again feature as part of the online series.

The penultimate round will be more familiar to those who competed in the ARC2 events, with the United States’ New England Forest Rally next on the calendar, while the online series finishes back on European soil at Ribadelles in Spain.

Those who competed in the first series simply need to re-join the club ‘MOTORSPORTARC’, while new participants need to create a Codemasters Account to join.

If you have the game but do not have an account registered, you can register and use your Xbox/PlayStation/PC details to confirm you own the game. Click here to register.

The club is a cross-platform league, meaning Xbox, PlayStation, PC users can participate and users can join the ARC series by searching for MOTORSPORTARC or clicking here.

For those that don’t have the game, more information and a free trial is available here.

Competitors have until 5pm on Thursday, 14 May to complete the five Powys stages before the online series moves to the Catamarca Province in Argentina.

The six-round calendar*
11 – 14 May – Powys
14 – 17 May – Catamarca Province
17 – 20 May – Łęczna County
20 – 23 May – Monaro Stages
23 – 26 May – New England
26 – 29 May – Ribadelles

*Each event crosses over to the next at 5pm AEST.