Motorsport rallies around Chaplain Kim Van Keule

The West Australian Rally community has set up a GoFundMe page for RSEA Safety Motorsport Australian Rally Championship Chaplain Kim Van Keule.

Having offered continued support to many of those within the WA and national rally scene as both a councillor and confidant, Van Keule has been enduring a serious battle of his own in recent years.

In and out of hospital due to an ongoing struggle with diabetes, Van Keule was recently informed the issues have led to the need for his right foot and lower leg to be removed.

With the full recovery process to last up to 15 months and only a small amount of financial assistance through disability support available, a GofundMe campaign was created as a means to help Van Keule through this challenging time.

While there is no target figure set, the goals of the campaign include the payment for hand controls in Van Keule’s car as well as to provide funding until he finds employment.

WA based motorsport commentator Terry Mann revealed through an open letter how much Van Keule meant to the sport and called upon the rally community to get behind him.

“He has been a councillor, a confident and a strong shoulder for many in our sport. He has helped our sport navigate through its tragedies. He has married quite a few of us and has been there when we have lost family members,” Mann wrote in the letter.

“Clearly, he will not be doing those long 12 hours shifts on his feet in a kitchen any longer, but he will get disability support in the interim, but we all know it is not a huge amount. There is a lot of travel involved, not just for events but also visiting members of our sport when they need help or just a confidante. This is very often unseen.

“As a sport we can’t help medically but we can help with his mental health and mental recovery and to that end we can get together and ensure that he gets back out in the field doing his vital work for our sport, as quickly and as practically as he can.

“We do not have a set figure in mind but will be grateful for any help we can source for him.”

Interested donators can get more information on the campaign here.