Glenney up for Capital challenge

With two podium finishes in the first two rounds of the CAMS Australian Rally Championship, Steve Glenney is ready to make his move on leader Eli Evans at this weekend’s Netier National Capital Rally

With the Netier National Capital Rally set across two days, the popular rally is known for its two differing heats, with Saturday being fast, while Sunday is tight and technical.

With the event often referred to as “challenging” due to the contrasting days, Glenney is confident he can make his mark this weekend.

“It’s a very technical rally and very rough and requires a different setup for the car that we have to tune in,” Glenney said.

“It’s very demanding on the driver, co-driver and car. We have to be on it.

“Car preservation certainly comes into it a lot during the event.”

The Tasmanian has had good fortune in previous years in Canberra and with a lot of experience in the course for more than a decade, it’s easy to know which stage is his favourite.

“It’s the East-West stage,” Glenney explained.

“Canberra was my first event in the RS challenge days 10- 12 years ago, the East-West stage was very busy and very technical.

“The stage is just corner after corner after corner and is a very demanding bit of road.”

The Netier National Capital Rally kicks off on Friday afternoon with a ceremonial start at 4pm at Garema Place in the city.

Saturday’s heat one is focused around the Kowen Forest area east of the city, before moving to the west of Canberra for heat two on Sunday for the narrow, technical stages off Brindabella and Paddys River Roads.