Four rounds for ARC in 2020

The sporting and technical regulations for this year’s RSEA Safety Motorsport Australia Rally Championship have now been published, with four rounds to be held at the two confirmed events in 2020.

With the AGI Sport Adelaide Hills Rally and Netier National Capital Rally in Canberra confirmed as hosts for this year’s Championship, Motorsport Australia has now confirmed four individual rounds will be run to ensure competitors are given every opportunity to challenge for the title.

Click here to read the sporting and technical regulations for 2020.

A number of changes to the traditional two day event format will understandably now feature. There will be no parc ferme between the rounds overnight, for example and there will also be a number of changes to the regulations to meet COVID-19 requirements, while teams will be able to use 12 Hoosier tyres per round.

A podium will be held at the end of each day to present that round’s trophies, before all competitors will then go on to restart the next day’s stages afresh which will be a completely new round of the ARC.

Motorsport Australia Director of Motorsport and Commercial Operations Michael Smith said the ability to hold four rounds across two events was a positive outcome, given the impacts of COVID-19.

“Hosting four rounds this year will allow us to provide the most fair and level playing field as the current conditions allow, particularly if someone has an issue on one day, they will now know they can still perform strongly in the three other rounds,” Smith said.

“This year promises to be a different, but exciting year for the Championship and we are hopeful of being able to run some really interesting, unique and challenging events for all our teams.

“Everyone involved in the sport can be rest assured we will also continue to monitor the ever-changing COVID-19 situation, including the state border restrictions, over the coming weeks, including regular dialogue with state governments as part of our Return To Race strategy.”

More details about the events will be provided over the coming weeks and months.