Evans and Searcy lead ARC pointscore

Eli Evans and Ben Searcy hold a 25-point lead in the 2018 CAMS Australian Rally Championship (ARC) at the halfway mark of the season.

View 2018 CAMS ARC pointscore after round three.

Evans and Searcy took outright honours at the Netier National Capital Rally on the weekend, claiming maximum points as the fastest crew on leg one and for the outright win, also grabbing the bonus point for the most stage wins.

Harry Bates and John McCarthy were the only team to stand in the way of a clean sweep for Evans and Searcy, winning the leg two battle by just 10 seconds and grabbing the 20 points.

Glenney, Bates and Taylor remain in second, third and fourth respectively but it was Adrian Coppin that was the big winner on the weekend. His second place podium finish saw him move from eighth to fifth in the standings.

The Netier National Capital Rally, which also hosted the Asia Pacific Rally Championship round, is an endurance event featuring two legs, one of Saturday and one on Sunday. This is different to the sprint format, which is made up of two separate heats. The times from leg one are carried through to leg two on Sunday and combined for the overall event time, which determines outright positions for the event.

A maximum of 20 points is awarded to the fastest crew on each leg with a maximum of 40 points on offer to the outright winner. A bonus point is awarded to the crew with the most stage wins.

Netier National Capital Rally Points – Top 10
1. Evans/Searcy   20+17+40+1   =78 pts
2. Coppin/Weston   15+15+34   =64 pts
3. Glenney/Sarandis   17+11+30   =58 pts
4. Bates/McCarthy   13+20+26   =39 pts
5. Taylor/Read   11+13+22   =46 pts
6. Kaplan/Penney  10+10+20   =40 pts
7. Chu/Hellwig   9+9 +18   =36 pts
8. Penny/Llewellyn   8+0+0   =8 pts
9. Bates/Taylor   0+0+0   =0 pts
10. Morton/Penny   0+0+0   =0 pts

2018 CAMS ARC Points Top 10 – Driver (after round three)
1. Evans  215 pts
2. Glenney  190 pts
3. H Bates  181 pts
4. Taylor  140 pts
5. Coppin  129 pts
6. L Bates  86 pts
7. Raymond  80 pts
=8. Markovic  76 pts
=8. Kaplan  76 pts
10. Chu  66 pts

2018 CAMS ARC Points Top 10 – Co-driver (after round three)
1. Searcy  215 pts
2. McCarthy  181 pts
3. Read  140 pts
4. Sarandis  122 pts
5. Moscatt  86 pts
6. Catford  80 pts
=7. Feaver  76 pts
=7. Penney  76 pts
9. Potter  68 pts
10. Kelly  65 pts