Eli Evans MRF Tyre Review: Eureka Rally

The first round of the ARC this year was a strange one for me. After the new MINI Cooper AP4 rally car fell just shy of that start line, I had the opportunity to drive Race Torque Engineerings 208 Maxi. Not only a new car for the event but a new rally control tyre.

With MRF Tyres as a series sponsor this year I was hoping for a control tyre that was strong in all areas. Lateral grip/strength and durability and after 200 competitive kilometres the MRF tyre did not disappoint. Not just for me but for fellow competitors also.

My choice was to run on the ZG2 medium compound rally tyre. The roads were mostly hard packed with loose gravel on the surface, and the thought process with the medium compound was to drive hard without the distraction of too much tyre wear. After 50k competitive I was pleased to find that the ZG2 medium tyre still had over 50% of tread left and still retained its performance. During the 20k stage the performance increased as the tyre temperatures rised.

It was great having MRF’s rally tyre expert at the event. Deva Sundar is passionate about rallying and was taking data from all the teams with the intention of designing a future rally tyre to suit the drivers further demands.

Overall I found the MRF ZG2 rally tyre easy to drive on. It felt strong in construction and the harder I drove the more confidence I gained.

Below is in-car of the ZG2 medium rally tyre. Stage was sandy in construction with outside temperature between 15-17 degrees.