Bates fastest again on Busselton Super Special Stage

Toyota Genuine Parts’ Harry Bates and John McCarthy have again posted the fastest time on the Trade Hire Busselton Super Special Stage tonight, recovering from a difficult heat one at the Make Smoking History Forest Rally today.

Bates made an early exit from heat one on special stage six this morning when the Toyota Yaris AP4 left the road and was stranded on its side. Unhurt in the incident, Bates and McCarthy eventually returned to the service park for repairs and rejoined the event for the start of heat two this evening.

Tankformers Eli Evans and Ben Searcy were second fastest tonight, just 3.2 seconds behind Bates, following their domination of heat one today, where they won all eight stages and finished the day two minutes ahead of the field in the Skoda Fabia R5.

Contel Communications Steve Glenney and Andy Sarandis posted the third fastest time on tonight’s 5.28 kilometres stage, while Yes! Optus’ Adrian Coppin and Erin Kelly had a positive end to their trying day, sitting in fourth.

Rounding out the top five were Subaru do Motorsport’s Molly Taylor and Malcolm Read, who continue to look for pace in the Subaru WRX STI.

Heat two continues tomorrow as crews again head south to Nannup for the final eight stages of the event.

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HEAT 2 TOP TEN (after SS11)
1. #2 BATES/MCCARTHY 03:26.3
2. #4 EVANS/SEARCY 03:29.5 (+00:03.2)
3. #3 GLENNEY/SARANDIS 03:29.6 (+00:03.3)
4. #7 COPPIN/KELLY 03:35.6 (+00:09.3)
5. #5 TAYLOR/READ 03:37.2 (+00:10.9)
6. #10 BATES/MOSCATT 03:38.8 (+00:12.5)
7. #6 RAYMOND/CATFORD 03:41.6 (+00:15.3)
8. #9 MARKOVIC/FEAVER 03:43.2 (+00:16.9)
9. #14 O’DOWD/WILDE 03:43.8 (+00:17.5)
10. #13 MORTON/PENNY 03:51.9 (+00:25.6)